With over 40 years of experience in the wire rope industry, we are able to provide our customers with in-depth visual inspection services. All wire rope eventually wears out making periodic inspections necessary throughout the service life of the rope. Wire rope is prone to damage and wear due to abrasion, fatigue, corrosion, and improper handling. Our visual inspection services are provided on-site and in-house. We provide a thorough inspection of the exterior wire rope strands for any broken strands, excessive wear or corrosion, along with a detailed inspection of the wire rope core. In addition to wire rope inspection we offer inspection services of synthetic slings, nylon slings, and all types of rigging hardware.


Our current on-site facility maintains a 200,000Lb test bed capable of pull testing up to 80ft. We maintain additional offsite resources to meet our customer’s needs beyond our on-site capabilities. With each pull test we provide a detailed certificate of work done and and a certificate of inspection. All wire rope slings that are fabricated and pull tested in our facility are tagged and identified for tracking purposes. As an additional service we are capable of providing our customer with RFID tagging technology.


With the assistance of our industry partners we offer numerous types and levels of training to our customers and their employees. Please contact us directly for additional information on training services.